Another clothing that doctors have been using from the beginning of time is the gloves. But they aren't like the ones that we see today. The ones now are thinner and lighter. They fit right on the hands, giving more freedom to the docs.
But in the past, the doctors used to wear thicker gloves. Those came almost to the elbow and got made from leather. And as you can already guess by now, they were black in color.
The gloves you see trash collectors or firefighters wear today, it's somewhat like that. What's unique about the plague doctor glove was the fingers. Some of them had sharp claws just like the bird. Many think as they used to wear long beak bird masks, they had that theme going on with the gloves too. That's why the sharp claws. Others think it is more of a satirical reality to shape the stereotypical plague doctor image in our head as there is no historical proof of such thing.